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Family Law

Cleveland Family Law Attorney Works with Ohio Residents Seeking Long-Term Solutions

Helping Clients through Divorce, Child Custody and Visitation, and all other Family Law Issues

Family Law can be a complicated area of law, covering a number of financial and legal situations that every family can face, and it can be fraught with difficult emotions and contention. As a Cleveland, OH family law practitioner, Ellen S. Mandell knows that families often have a long legal road ahead of them in the struggle to make things right. Family Law Attorney Mandell works with clients to make the process of settling family law matters as stress-free and painless as possible, offering comprehensive services that deal with every aspect of family law. From adoption services to custody battles, her office's Cuyahoga County family law approach has worked for over 25 years, and Attorney Mandell is committed to securing her clients' interests and protecting her clients' rights.

Ohio Family Lawyer Ellen S. Mandell at the Law Office of Ellen S. Mandell strives to support her clients with what can sometimes be the hardest time of their lives. Her experience in and outside of the courtroom helps her work toward her goal of long-term solutions, minimizing conflict and achieving success. Her work as a family law attorney focuses her energy on offering compassionate methods to effectively address her clients' concerns. Whether it is a divorce, child custody arrangement, adoption, support or any other area of family law, you can be sure you are getting her best effort to meet your legal needs.

Pursuing Long-Term Solutions in Family Law for Over 25 Years

The Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio family law attorney Mandell at the Law Office of Ellen S. Mandell works with you to understand and solve your concerns in a number of areas of family law, including:

The Law Office of Ellen S. Mandell is a family law firm that focuses on taking care of the whole family, and her knowledge and skill covers a wide number of bases to help you win your case.

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At the Law office of Ellen S. Mandell, Attorney Mandell knows that this can be a very hard time for you and your family. She is here to help address your pressing legal concerns. Contact her today at her Cleveland, Ohio office at 216-373-0920 to begin discussing your case.