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It isn't only biological parents who are concerned for children's well-being. Grandparents and other relatives have concerns for children who may feel like their own. Who will provide for a child if the parents become incapacitated or pass away? The Cleveland, Ohio Child Advocacy and Adoption Lawyer Ellen S. Mandell is here for you to help you through the sometimes challenging, but always rewarding, process of grandparent adoption.

In the state of Ohio, a Kinship adoption is the practice of a relative taking legal custody to raise and care for a child. A grandparent or other relative who wishes to raise a child in need can legally adopt the child only after parental rights have been terminated. Attorney Mandell works with you through grandparent adoption, avoiding legal issues that could arise should you need to provide for a child or children who can no longer depend on the parents. Adoption ensures you can make important decisions regarding the child's well-being,including the child's education and health care,including securing health care coverage and other benefits.


Skilled grandparent adoption lawyer Ellen S. Mandell will guide you through the process of taking full financial and legal responsibility for the child, thereby keeping the child in the family.

The process of adoption can be a complicated one.

Cuyahoga County Adoption Attorney Ellen S. Mandell works with you to get you through this process as painlessly and quickly as possible. Through her compassionate and tireless service, she will help you bring this child into your home as your own.

Ohio Grandparent Adoption Attorney Ellen S. Mandell has dedicated her life to ensuring that children receive the love and care they deserve. She knows that keeping a child in the family, whether due to the loss of parents through death or incapacity or any other circumstances, can be healing for both the child and the family involved. Contact Attorney Mandell at her Cleveland office at 216-771-7080 to discuss adopting your child today.

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