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Working Through The Adoption Process To Make Your Family Whole

Last updated on August 22, 2023

Adoption is one of the happiest undertakings for any family. It is also a service that the staff here at Ellen S. Mandell, Attorney at Law, takes a great amount of joy in providing. Whether it is adopting a grandchild, a stepchild or a family member in need of a loving home, we have the domestic adoption experience and knowledge to make this always emotional and sometimes frustrating process go as smoothly as possible for both the parents and the children.

With family law experience going back to 1988, our firm has helped unite many families throughout Ohio over the years. We have represented family members who have a deep and important relationship with a child and want to formalize it. We also do guardianships where family members have wanted to intercede on behalf of the child.

Challenges To Adopting In Ohio

Formalizing a relationship you may already have with a child takes patience, planning and the right family law lawyer who makes the process stress-free. Some of the issues that include for adoption are:

  • Terminating the rights of a biological parent, particularly if they want to contest the adoption or are otherwise uncooperative
  • Filing the petition to adopt a child and the extensive paperwork that it involves
  • Going through the hearing process in court
  • A biological parent trying to reclaim their legal right after the adoption
  • Issues involved in open adoption and complexities that this may involve

Contact Us To Discuss Your Adoption Issue

We provide a wide range of family law issues, including stepparent adoption and grandparent adoption. Call our office in Beachwood at 216-916-8746, or use our contact page.