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Guiding You Through Every Stage Of The Divorce And Separation Processes

Last updated on August 22, 2023

When you are going through the process of ending or dissolving a marriage, you want an experienced attorney to guide you with the right decisions. Oftentimes, negotiated agreements regarding child custody and visitation, support, and property settlements can be in everyone’s best interests by minimizing stress and helping the parties work together over a long period of time while their children are growing.

However, in other instances, litigation may be the only way to get the support that you need to establish your new life. That’s why you need an Ohio divorce attorney who knows when you should settle and when you should pursue your case through divorce and family law courts.

A Commitment To Clients And Personal Service

At the office Ellen S. Mandell, Attorney at Law, we bring extensive experience to men and women who have concerns involving divorce or separation. Over the last four decades, attorney Ellen S. Mandell has built a successful family law practice based on a commitment to personal service, earning a reputation among her peers and former clients as an honest and trustworthy advocate. As your legal advocate, your needs and interests will always be our priority.

A Measured Approach To Family Law

Because we know from experience the emotional and financial toll that a dissolution or divorce litigation can take on families – especially children – our firm encourages clients to resolve family law disputes, including child custody and visitation matters, through negotiation or mediation, whenever its possible. We recognize, however, that some issues simply cannot be resolved by agreement. When necessary, we will aggressively litigate your case to protect your interests.

Placing The Welfare Of The Child First

In our practice, we place special emphasis on the needs of children in divorce and separation proceedings. This is particularly important when dealing with family court judges in the state of Ohio (in domestic relations courts and juvenile courts), as the law mandates that the well-being of children always outweighs parental considerations.

Ms. Mandell serves as a guardian ad litem in the domestic relations court and knows firsthand the difficulties many children face in divorce proceedings. She counsels clients to always consider the needs of their children first and has employed experts in medicine, education and psychology to demonstrate the best interests of minor children.

Our Collaborative Law Approach

Our preference with all clients is to take a collaborative approach to the resolution of divorce and family law matters. In the collaborative approach, both parties agree to resolve disputes without the intervention of the judge and the courts. The parties are represented by counsel, but when necessary, they jointly employ experts, including child psychologists and financial planners, to formulate solutions regarding child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, and the equitable distribution of debts and assets. By approaching the problem in this manner, the process moves faster, and family resources can be preserved and potential problems going forward can be avoided.

Whether you are seeking a divorce, dissolution of marriage, legal separation or child custody where there has not been a marriage, or if you are seeking a modification to an existing child custody agreement, you are going to need legal representation from a trusted, experienced Ohio family law attorney.

To arrange a free consultation to discuss your divorce or legal separation issues, contact us by email or call 216-916-8746. Our office is located in Beachwood, Ohio, but we are able to take virtual appointments.