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Working With You Toward An Alternative To Divorce Litigation

Last updated on August 22, 2023

Divorce takes its toll on everyone involved: spouses, employers, families and children. Families don’t need to drain their hard-earned savings and make things ugly during the divorce process. Instead, many seek alternative methods to litigation and have found success by working in the collaborative law process with an Ohio divorce lawyer at the office of Ellen S. Mandell, Attorney at Law.

The Collaborative Law Alternative

The key to the collaborative law process is for all participants to trust in the process. Some of the main things to know about collaborative law include:

  • The principle of collaborative law is the shared belief that all participants are committing to a process of honesty, fairness, cooperation, integrity and professionalism
  • Collaborative law focuses on the well-being of the family throughout the process and can be the best way to go about getting a divorce once your marriage is over
  • The goal of collaborative law is to minimize the negative economic and emotional consequences of extended litigation on children and their families.
  • Likewise, parties who have been deep in the litigation process and who have become tired of fighting can switch over to a collaborative law process.

The collaborative law contract is vital because:

  • The contract outlines how all the participants will conduct themselves during meetings and discussions.
  • It sets forth exactly what will happen if a client or an attorney withdraws from the process.
  • These strict guidelines create a safety net for behavior and expectations.

Save Money And Time

Typically, collaborative cases can be completed for one-third of the cost of litigation. Problem-solving for both parties is the objective, with professionals such as accountants and therapists hired by both parties to solve problems as impartially as possible. Spouses both have their own attorneys and equal access to experts, and this equalizing process helps to balance the power, making sure both spouses’ needs are met.

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